Value of Solar Study


Study  Press Release & Link to actual Study, November 5, 2012

In early May, 2012, MSSA entered into an agreement with Clean Power Research, a renewable energy consulting firm , to conduct a study called “Value of solar to New Jersey and Pennsylvania utilities”. The scope of the work is intended to assess the value of PV generation from a utility and societal perspective in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The study will include conventional value categories, and will also apply a method to quantify the impacts on the overall wholesale energy market demand shift (merit order effect).


Now that the costs of producing solar power have declined, it is important to quantify the real
benefits of distributed solar generation so that the case for more solar generation can be
brought to the public. This important study by a respected research team will analyze the
various benefits and attach real dollar values to solar generation. We believe the results will
support the case for more solar generation given the declining cost of solar electricity. Please
support this important study by contributing to its cost. This study will be followed by public
outreach to galvanize support for the development of more solar generation.


The study is now released, however MSSA is still seeking financial support. The cost is $60,000, of which we have raised almost $47,000.   We hope that you will consider helping us achieve this milestone.  If your company can contribute, any amount, please click here to fill out the pledge form.


We thank the following companies for their financial support in this study:


Sponsors ($1,000+)
Sustainable Development Fund Grant

Advanced Solar Products, Inc.
Vote Solar Initiative
SMA America, LLC
Renewable Power

Supportors ($500)
Geoscape Solar

Friends ($300)
Fraytak Veisz Hopkins Duthie PC
Solar Electric NJ, LLC
Renewergy Solutions Group, LLC
Quantum Solar Solutions
RCL Enterprises