The New Jersey Division of MSEIA


Organized in 1997, NJ-MSSA is directly responsible for the leadership, research, lobbying, grassroots advocacy and perseverance necessary to create the state’s first renewable energy program and solar energy incentives.





NJ Policy

These policies, established through the landmark February 2, 1999 law, the NJ Electric Discount and Electric Competition Act (EDECA) (P.L. 1999 Chap. 23) created NJ’s very first solar energy funding, the state’s renewable energy portfolio with a solar requirement, launched the growth of solar from 15 kW installed in 1997 to over 100 MW installed today.


New Jersey advocates accomplished this by organizing renewable energy advocates, environmental organizations, solar R&D operations, and solar manufacturers /energy efficiency businesses into a coalition called B.E.T.T.E.R, or Businesses and Environmentalists Together Toward Energy Reform. Since that time, New Jersey advocates, solar leaders, and the NJ-MSSA, known for many years as only MSSA, has been a steady and effective force in promoting, researching, and advocating for solar energy incentives and policies to grow solar, remove barriers, and monitor the development of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy in New Jersey.


It is the mission of NJ-MSSA to promote and ensure opportunities and infrastructure for permanent solar energy jobs and new businesses are created when solar energy policies are made and instituted into law. As a result of leadership of the NJ-MSSA, the state of New Jersey remains second to only California in the amount of photovoltaics deployed.